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If you’re looking for a new and advanced method to keep your car safe on and off the road, look no further than, We are Ireland’s largest authorized dealer of dash cameras.

Dash cams

have a variety of different uses depending on your needs; some owners use car dash cams to monitor their driving behaviour for insurance purposes, and some owners hope to film the next shocking car accident or video that goes viral. For business or for pleasure, we have the camera for you.
Even when you think you have a full view of the road, there are still times when we miss what really happened in an accident. A dash cam could be the answer in settling disputes and claims, and may help you to improve the way you drive.

Having one installed could help prove what happened or protect you from false claims in the case of a crash.

What is a dash cam?

  • Dash Cams Provide Irrefutable Evidence
  • Provides irrefutable video evidence and acts as a silent witness in the event of an accident
  • Provides protection from hit-and-run and theft
  • Provides GPS tracking with vehicle speed (if equipped)
  • Reduces the time to settle a claim by the court or by the insurance company
  • Has been proven to improve a driver’s driving behaviour
  • Provides employers with security that employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles

They’re in-car camera systems that make a video and audio recording of your journey. Some dash cams even include a parking mode, which starts recording whenever an impact is detected. If someone knocks a wing mirror or hits your car when they’re parking and doesn’t leave a note, you’ll have a better chance of finding out what happened and who is responsible for the damage.

There are three main types of dash cam:

  • 1 Chanel (for recording the front view only)
  • 2 Chanel (for recording the front & rear)
  • Cabin view taxicam

1 Chanel Front view cameras are among the best dash cams for capturing everything in front of you, including traffic you’re following. They are generally the cheapest dashcam to buy, but lack the ability to see what’s happened behind you.

2 Chanel Front and back view (or front and rear) dash cams offer the advantage of recording both the view in front and behind your car. Most accidents on the road happen at low speeds and involve rear-end collisions. Investing in a dash cam that offers both views could be worth the extra spend in case you’re involved in an accident.

Cabin view / taxicam car cameras provide you with a bird’s eye view of what’s happened inside your car and are mostly used in taxis and car services.

At we only stock High Quality Dashcams that you can rely upon in the event of a accident

This is the most important factor when purchasing a dashcam.

All our Dashcams come with Free Delivery anywhere within Ireland and the U.K.

Aside from Selling Dashcams we also can provide a installation service

A front only dashcam system can be installed for 85 euro

And a Front & Rear dashcam system can be installed for 135 euro

You do not have to have them professionally installed and all our Dashcams can alternatively be plugged in directly to your cigarette lighter socket unless they have been ordered with a hard wire kit.

We have also added some Staff picks of Dashcams we personally recommend and Love to help Our Customers who may not know which one they want to make your decision easier.

We hope that you find the Dash cam you require in our store and if you are unsure which one to purchase simply contact us via e mail or our chat system and we can recommend one for you.

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Professional Installation Service.

Through our installation service we are able to offer individuals and fleets a complete package. From selecting a suitable dash or car camera, to organising and then professional fitting the camera to the intended vehicle at a location convenient for you.

Professional Installation Service

We offedr a Professional Installation service,even if you havent bought your dashcam from us we can still offer you this service.

How it Works

One of our fitters will arrive on the arranged date and time, at the location you have specified. Depending on the vehicle and camera we would usually expect to be completed within an hour, but be preprepared for it to take up to two hours.

Quality Assured

All of our fitters are professional and experienced, your car camera will be neatly installed with no dangling cables left on show.

Fleet Solutions

Our teams knowledge of fleet camera solutions is second to none and we will be able to create a camera system that is specifically designed to meet your fleets needs. Whether this is an 8-channel multi-camera system or a simple front only dash camera. Our experienced engineer’s have the ability to install in any vehicle from a company car, articulated lorries or even forklifts.


The DR650S-2CH TRUCK is ideal to secure most large commercial trucks. The waterproof infrared rear camera connects to the front unit via a 20m video cable. This allows to monitor not only the road behind, but also cargo loading and unloading operations.