[BlackVue App] New Fleet Plan Now Accessible in the BlackVue App

Good news if you wanted to try BlackVue Fleet Tracking! You can access the service right from the BlackVue app (iOS/Android) since the release of version 2.76.

New Fleet Plan In-App Subscription

  1. Open the main menu in the BlackVue App (  icon).
  2. Select “Add paid features”.
  3. Select “Fleet Plan”.
  4. Choose how many dashcams you wish to manage.
  5. Tap BUY then confirm to start your subscription.







Prices down, value up!

Last month Blackvue revised existing Fleet Tracking pricing to reduce the cost to users for both the first dashcam (from $30 down to $20) and all additional dashcams added to the account (from $12 to $10).

The Fleet Plan available in the BlackVue App follows an almost identical model, starting at $19,99 for the first dashcam, then $10 more for each additional dashcam up to a total of 29.

If you would like to register more than 29 dashcams, please contact Blackvue or www.dashcam.ie for assistance.

With the Fleet Plan, users can now enjoy a new exclusive Cloud feature, Event File Auto-upload, along with 90-day GPS History, Geo-fencing, and more.


Cloud Plans Compared

Detail off the features included in the various BlackVue Over the Cloud plans, FreeBasicSmart and Fleet.

See the overview table below (prices correct time of print 14/08/2018 )


This table shows the features available under each BlackVue Cloud account tier.

The Cloud Plans can be activated via the BlackVue App for iOS and Android.

Last update: August 14, 2018.

Free Plan

Basic Plan

Smart Plan

Fleet Plan (via App)

Fleet Plan (via Paypal)

Subscription fee None $9.99 per month $19.99 per month $19.99 ~ 299.99
Per month
$20 ~ 1010
Per month
Max. Dashcams/Account 1 1 3 29 100
Live view / day 10 minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remote Video
Playback and Download / Month
100 times 300 times 600 times 600 times (+50/extra dashcam)) 600 times (+50/extra dashcam))
Cloud Storage 5GB 10GB 15GB 15GB (+5GB/extra dashcam) 15GB (+5GB/extra dashcam)
Cloud Storage File expiration 90 days 360 days 360 days 360 days 360 days
Notification Alarm
Two-way Voice Communication
GPS Tracking
E-mail Notifications
Multi Live View
(Viewer Pro & App)
GPS Tracking History (App)
90 days 90 days 90 days 90 days
GPS Tracking History (Viewer Pro)
90 days 90 days
Cloud Usage Log
90 days 90 days
Geo-fencing Setting & Alert (Viewer Pro)
Event live Auto upload
(Storage period: 7 days)
2 days
Event File Auto upload
(Storage period: 7 days)

Blackvue Dashcams available to buy @ www.dashcam.ie

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