National Car Test / NCT policy on Dashcams during NCT testing

We contacted Applus Car Testing (NCT) to get clarity on having a Dashcam while your car is undergoing a NCT Test and there reply has been as follows


“NCTS has a strict policy that no video Recording and photography is permitted in the test center. If a customer has a camera mounted to their vehicle, they will be asked to switch it off prior to the test being conducted.” would advise all our customers to power off there Dashcams before your car is presented to the NCT test center bye either the power button on your Dashcam(if equipped) App on your phone (IF equipped) or alternatively by disconnecting the power cable from your Dashcam

It is not a problem to have a Dashcam installed in your car upon a NCT test but it is not to be recording during testing or inside NCT premises.

We would like to Thank Applus Car Testing for given us clarity and a response to our query.

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