THINKWARE launches new 2 channel F200 with built-in Wi-Fi

The Thinkware F200 Dashcam is now available to buy in Ireland from

 Continuing to innovate and develop its offering to a wide range of consumers, the world leading dash cam company THINKWARE, announced the launch of the FHD dash cam, the F200.


The new two-channel (2CH) F200 records in Full HD 1080p with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and offers 720p HD at the rear. This high-quality image capability offers drivers excellent coverage at the front and rear of their vehicle, while minimizing blind spots thanks to the 140° wide viewing angle. With its compact design, the F200 can easily be placed behind the rear view mirror without causing any obstruction to the driver’s view; ensuring the camera placement adheres to safety laws and standards.


The F200 (2CH) channel camera also has three affordable rear-view camera options for consumers and drivers of commercial vehicles. The rear camera option allows drivers to have a clear view of incidents at the rear, recording HD 720p video at 30 frames per second. For taxi drivers, there is an IR camera (internal) option. It films inside the vehicle making taxi journeys safer for the driver and rider. The external camera option is weatherproof and is useful for vehicles without a rear facing window, such as vans or even convertibles, to capture any incidents at the rear.


The built-in Wi-Fi functionality also allows drivers to connect the dash cam directly to their smartphone to adjust settings and easily download footage. This quick and easy access means that drivers can retrieve and store footage on their smartphone whenever they need it. The F200 can support up to 128GB Micro SD storage and comes with 16GB as standard, which will provide up to two hours’ loop recording on both cameras for the two-channel option.


The F200 supports parking mode when installed with a hard wire cable. When the ignition is switched off, the loop recording stops and events are triggered either by motion detection or impact detection, with the G sensor set to be more sensitive when parked compared to when driving. When triggered, a clip is stored in a separate folder, recording 10 seconds before the trigger and 10 seconds after. The F200 also features Energy Saving Parking Recording which significantly reduces the current drain and puts the camera in sleep mode when it is idle. When an impact is detected, the camera wakes up and records footage for 20 seconds. This function means drivers can have peace of mind that the dash cam can will operate as efficiently as possible without significantly draining the vehicle battery.


When paired with the THINKWARE GPS antenna, the F200 can also provide speed and location information as well as Safety Camera Alerts, protecting the driver when out on the road.


The Thinkware F200 is available now at 

1ch version here

2ch version here

2ch with rear i.r. camera here

2ch with rear external weatherproof camera here

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